The history of our hospital starts on November, 30th of 1951, as a twenty bed  clinic, on the 1800 acred "Narlıdere Farm" which was granted by the late Adalet Sureyya Ilmen to our institution in 1950. 

In 1952, the deceased Adalet Süreyya İlmen's wooden "Harem Köşkü" was restored and turned into a hospital with fifty beds and his "Selamlık Köşkü" was started to be used as the administrative building. 

In 1957, our new building with 350 beds, which is still called as "A Block", has been opened. Between 1952 and 1958, 5058 patients received treatment, of which 53 died. Globally, the mortality rate in this period is 1%. In addition, with the opening of our A Block, our thoracic surgery department has been active and all sorts of lung operations have begun.  

Since 1953, our Sanatorium was authorized to train specialists in the field of "lung diseases" by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. And since 1958, the department of the thoracic surgery was also given permission to train residents.  

In 1961, The Chief Physician proposed that the Sanatorium, would be developed with new buildings and become a "Chest Disease Center" where diseases other than tuberculosis, can be examined and treated together with tuberculosis. 

With the instruction given by our General Directorate, we have prepared a work program for this new building system and declared a project competition within this program. Eighteen projects participated the ten days competition and after a vigorous, and a decent jury study in which the chief physician was inside, the project that took place today had won. (3/22/1962)  

With the construction of new buildings, our facility has now left the name of Sanatorium and continued its services with the name of "S.S.K. Süreyyapaşa Chest Diseases Center". Health care services at our center are planned as follows;  
A - 900 beds for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diseases, 
B - 510 beds for Non-Tuberculous Lung Diseases, 
C - 80 beds for Thoracic Surgery, 
D - 110 beds for nonpulmonary Tuberculosis.  

Thus, our facility, which started to work with twenty beds in 1951, has increased to one thousand six hundred patients bed capacity in 1976.  

Since 1995, the name of our hospital has been changed to "CHEST, HEART and VASCULAR DISEASES TRAINING HOSPITAL" with the decision of the Board of Directors.  

In our hospital in D Block the first "OPEN HEART OPERATION" was made at 2001, in the structure of Social Security Institution.

Respiratory Intensive Care Unit was opened on 29.03.2001.

Our hospital was transferred from the Social Security Instititution to the Ministry of Health on 19.02.2005 and is named as "Ministry of Health Istanbul Süreyyapaşa Chest Diseases and Thoracic Surgery Training and Research Hospital".

In October 2005, the Heybeliada Chest Diseases Hospital and in May 2006, the Beykoz Child Diseases Hospital were involved to our hospital. 

"Pediatric Chest Diseases" Our clinic has started to provide services to children and children who are sleeping and lying.

"Respiratory Sleep Laboratory" was established in November 2005 and it serves as the biggest sleeping center of our country with 6 rooms.

In 2009, the specialists on cardiology, otorhinolaryngology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine were engaged.

The first "LUNG TRANSPLANTION" operation was performed in our hospital in 2009.

After starting as a farm house clinic, our hospital has become a modern training  hospital today. The yearly number of policlinic services is 315.560, the annual number of operations is 3.000, the monthly bronchoscopy number is 400, and the active bed capacity is 503.

Today our hospital, is one of the most important hospitals on pulmonary diseases and thoracic surgery in Turkey. The number of studies carried out in our hospital is increasing, and they successfully take part in the national and international medical literature.