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Associate Professor Nalan Adigüzel

Dr. Nalan Adıgüzel
I was born in Germany at 1972.  I was graduated from Malatya Science High School in 1989 and Marmara University Faculty of Medicine in 1996. I started as a resident doctor in Heybeliada Chest Diseases and Chest Surgery Training and Research Hospital in1997 and became Chest Disease Specialist in 2002. I have been working at Süreyyapaşa Chest Diseases and Chest Surgery Training and Research Hospital Respiratoruy Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since 2005. From 2007 to 2009, I worked as an observer and research fellow at the Pulmonary and Critical Care Department of Loyola University (Chicago, USA). I were an Intensive Care Specialist on September 2013, and the chest diseases associate professor on October 2013.
29 papers published in internationally acclaimed journals, 26 papers published in nationally respected journals, 75 papers presented at international scientific meetings, 9 papers written in chapter books, and 46 papers presented at national scientific meetings. 
I am married and have 2 children.