Our Featured Services

Our featured services
Our respiratory intensive care unit;
Critical patient treatment services are provided, primarily for pneumonia-sepsis causing respiratory failure, muscle disease, advanced COPD, post-lung cancer surgery, sepsis after chemotherapy, and weaning from prolonged mechanical ventilation. Advanced methods (including bedside video bronchoscopy, ECMO) are used in the treatment of respiratory failure. difficulty weaning patients and management of chronic Respiratory patients with home either invasive or Noninvasive ventilation. In-bed and breathing exercises are performed in the Intensive Care Unit accompanied by physiotherapists, and patients whose general condition improves are followed in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit on the 6th floor of Block C. In the Intensive Care Unit, our patients are directed to our dieticians in respiratory failure due to obesity.

Patients with respiratory arrest during sleep A sleep test is performed in the Sleep Unit.

 Our palliative care clinic;
Bedridden and paralyzed patients who recover from acute bad episodes in Intensive Care, cancer patients not receiving chemotherapy, Patients who were followed up with a tracheostomy and ventilator at home, patients with gastric tube feeding, education of patient caregivers, it is sent to the 72-bed Palliative Care Unit on the 7th and 8th floors of Block B.

Our tuberculosis service;
Tuberculosis, multi-drug resistant and extremely resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis patients are treated in our 69-bed capacity tuberculosis inpatient clinic.

Our allergy and immunology clinic;
In Turkey's largest training clinic, allergy tests and treatment of allergic diseases are performed.

Our thoracic surgery clinic;
We can perform surgical procedures related to all lung resections related to thoracic surgery

 In addition to these services, we also have basic medical sciences and laboratory services.